Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… [Episode 1]

Yea, I called it a burden, I’ve been living in denial for a long time, its high time I own up, I’ve a problem, I’m addicted to s*x! Something happened last month december that made me realize how screwed I am. It opened my eyes to realize that I’m really an addict and that I might need help.

Right before now, I felt it was ok to do the normal guys stuff, hit on girls, flirt and feel like a super hero. But now, the more I have s*x, the more I’m convinced there’s a higher power pushing me to self destruction.

Ok, one step at a time, I will highlite some events of the past that made me conclude I seriously need help

Last december, I went to calabar to witness the xmas carnival. I earlier planned to go with my girl friend, but her uncle died, so she had to travel home to stay with family. I hooked up with an old course mate of mine ibieme who is from the town. He works with the state ministry of tourism and still stays at their family house in calabar town.

I arrived at the etim eden park and ibieme came down to pick me, together with his younger sister, who he was to drop at the stadium for her practice. As we journeyed from the park to the stadium, I kept stealing glances at the beautiful sister my friend had. I was at the back seat, and could easily see her front bossoms from the car’s side mirror. She noticed I was staring at her, and it made her a little uneasy, I couldn’t care less, I was more fixated at the bossoms bouncing up and down with the rhythm of the car. I made sure she observed I was staring at her, that’s one of the rules of flirting, the flirtor must let the flirtee know she’s been flirted upon
My friend’s sis, was a member of the ‘phantom’ band, one of the bands participating in the calarba carnival. They were practicing at the stadium against

the ‘d’ day and she was a lead performer. Ibieme tried to gist me about the carnival and the many activities lined up b4 the 27th which was the d-day. He told me about the miss calabar beauty peagent coming up later that night, then the obudu power bike team displaying the next day, and many more, but I was caught up again as the sister raised a hand to arrange her hair. I could see the curves of her rich b0s0m thru her sleeveless top, I was already painting the pictures of her Unclad body when I noticed she was staring at me. I recovered briefly only to see her let out a smile, GAME ON! I whispered to myself. We got to the stadium and she asked me to join her. She said it will be more fun watching them practice than staying with her parents in the house. My friend ibieme supported the idea, saying he was also busy as the ministry of tourism, his workplace, is directly in charge of the carnival. He was to come later and pick us when the sister is thru.
I asked of her name when we walked towards the back of the stadium, “emon” she told me. “Its short for ini-emon”. We had a light chat just to ease up the environment. She joined her band for practise and I was sited at a spot watching them. I walked toward the swiming pool which was filled up with people. Some girls were playing volleyball at the court, and I went to watch. It was obvious they were learners, the game was so boring I just walked away. I went back to my spot and a nice pretty girl was sitted right beside me. She asked whether i was part of the phantom band and I told her I was new in calabar. She was very lively and we chatted away. I noticed emon was staring at us every other minute as if the girl I was gusting with will soon turn to a lion and bite me. I collected her number when I noticed the practice was over and emon walking towards me. She said its time to go, and I purposely asked her to give me a minute.

She walked towards the gate and I told my new friend I’d luv to hang out with her someday. She said I should give her a call, then I smiled and moved towards emon.

Emon just finished a call, she looked up to me and asked if I was thru with my girlfriend, I smiled and told her I was just socializing.

She told me her brother was caught up at work and we have to go home on our own. She said she wants to catch up with her friends at the cultural centre, I jokingly asked if they were pretty and she sort of flared up a bit. I put on my charms and teased her about her being melancholic. She took on a defensive approach and I assured her I meant well. We had a long talk all the way from stadium, thru 11/11 road, down to cultural centre.

Her friends were not yet their, so we settled down in one of the inns at the cultural centre.

After some bottles of night train, we were more open, and she asked loads and lots of questions about me; my job, relationship, goals, career, faith etc. She mentioned that I was staring at her at the car, then I told her how captivating she was, how I was taken aback by her stunning beauty (it was mostly the chilled night train talking). She kept smilling while I was rubbing her palms which she kept carelessly on my laps. She leaned closely and rested her head on my shoulders, with my hands crossed over her shoulders, I started stroking the curves of her b0s0m under the shade provided by the canopies. I noticed the goose pimps spreading over her hand as she responded to every stroke. I managed to slip my hand inside the opening of her cloth , rubbed her bare b0s0m a little, then moved for the n-i.p.p.le.s which was already hard.

Suddenly, her phone rang and she sat straight like she just recovered from a spell, it was idieme, her brother…

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