10 ways to make a man miss you like crazy

A romantic relationship is a rather complicated thing. Some people think that everything is rather easy and it’s enough just to find a special person and fall in love. However, those who are already trying to build relationship with their loved ones will prove, that it’s a hard work which demands a lot of love, patience, and effort. Read more:

1. Know that men love bitches

Mistake not: here we aren’t using the word ‘bitch’ in the pejorative way it is used. Instead, we mean a woman who is strong, kind and won’t let a man take a hold of her 100%. So be a woman who stands up for herself.

2. Let him call/text you

The first rule to make a man miss you and want you (in a long distance relationship or after a breakup or fight) is to let him get back to you and stop all communication with him. It might be extremely hard and there will be times when you’d feel like giving up. But the key is to stay strong and let him take the lead.

3. Enjoy with others

Chances are that you have been ignoring your family and friends for a while now since you have hooked up with this man. So now is the time to go out and have fun with all those people you have missed. If possible, send him photos of you having fun. This is sure to make him miss you like crazy.

4. Pay attention to yourself

Now is the time to pay more attention to you. Physical beauty is very important to make a man miss you. So exercise daily, eat healthy and wear attractive clothes. If needed, change your hairstyle. When you look nice, he is going to want to be with you and will miss you.

5. Be great in bed

Physical intimacy is an important tool to make a man miss you like crazy. You need not do things you are uncomfortable with, but you must make sure you give him what he wants. If needed, ask him what his fantasies are and indulge in a bit of role play. Being sexy is surely going to make him want to miss you and want you all the time. Leave him craving for some more each time you leave him.

6. Be mysterious

Many women make the mistake of indulging every little secret to their boyfriends/lovers. Men like women who are mysterious. So if you are in the habit of telling him everything, it is time you stop. You might also want to reduce your social media usage. This way, it will keep him guessing as to what you are up to.

7. Learn to say no

Women often let men they love treat them as doormats. It is very important that you stand up for yourself and say no from time to time. You need not always be available for him. Do not worry about how he spends his time when he is away from you. Give him space and keep some space for yourself as well.

8. Make him jealous

This s an easy way to make him miss you especially after you have had a fight. Show up with someone else.Jealousy is one of the easiest ways in which to make a man miss you or call you. Men are very competitive and would want to talk to you as soon as they see you moving on. If you are at a party when this occurs, do not stop to talk. Just say a quick hello and move on. He will definitely call you or text you if this happens.

9. Be the woman he would miss

Are you a nagger who constantly complains? Or are you overly clingy and needy? These are the things he could dislike about you. So analyze and make some changes. Be the woman he would miss-strong, independent and one who can hold on her own.

10. Be happy, love yourself first

This is the best advice you will receive when you want your man to miss you like crazy. Be happy and show him you are happy. Always love yourself and he will love you right back. When he sees the real, new you-one who is confident and independent, he is going to want to be with you and will miss you when you are away. When you are always happy around him, he will also feel more inclined to be around you and talk to you when he is having a bad day.

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